About Us

OAK Consulting Ltd is a professional service company that delivers project management consulting, training and staffing solutions for client’s operations and important projects.

Our mission is simple – become the most recognised source for providing project management delivery to companies and helping them realise real, measurable improvement in business; training their staffs on project management best practices , and providing your business with experienced and certified project management professionals for temporary or permanent roles.

We do this by taking on whatever role it is that our clients need us to fill, whether that is the lead role on the project or a supplemental position.
In addition to providing project management consulting, training and staffing solutions to businesses across industries, we also work with other consulting companies to fill important project roles and provide beneficial solutions to the customers.

Our Experience is our strength. We have a team of professionals with over 20 years of successful consulting and staffing solutions on small, medium and large projects across the Globe.