Project Management:

At OAK Consulting Ltd, we understand that each project requires a different approach that is uniquely tailored to your exact business aspirations.

We provide a full range of services from inception to completion, and partnering with clients to solve their biggest business problem by delivering project management expertise. With a team of professionals with over 20 years of successful consulting and management experience on projects of all sizes, we have the knowledge to develop innovative solutions that will help you realise real improvement in your business. Whether you need us to take on a lead role or a supplemental position, OAK Consulting Ltd is always the perfect fit for your project.

We achieve exceptional results by bringing together teams with the right expertise and similar experience to the new project.

Our primary objective is:

“to deliver to cost, time and most importantly quality”.

We take full ownership of the end-to- end processes in the delivery of your projects and at every key agreed stages, client’s engagement for acceptance of deliverables; ensuring
every stage is fully managed and proactively mitigating any risks to ensure projects are delivered to time, cost and quality.

In addition to your organisations project delivery, OAK Consulting Ltd also specialises in the setting up of a Project Management Office(PMO), which will support your organisation in increasing delivery capability and success for future initiatives.

Project Management Office (PMO), Services

The PMO will be responsible for ensuring the successful delivery of your projects by ensuring that the agreed project governance is adhered to by the delivery team,support the team in the management of project risks, dependencies, issues and changes – all aimed at making your organisations projects run more efficiently. So, you can start realising benefits from each and every project.

The PMO will support your organisation in identifying and launching the right projects from your project pipelines, help prioritise depending on your strategic business objective and with the right measures, will bring out the business value while managing project execution to meet expectations of timeline and cost.

Our PMO Service will provide:

  • PMO design and implementation – organise your company’s project management office and get it running so you can take the reins of your future
  • Providing a delivery foundation for your transformation projects
  • Rapid and sustained productivity
  • Restoring success in failing projects
  • Building confidence in reliable and predictable project delivery
  • Resources – We provide competent and qualified PMO professionals
  • Standardised project management processes, and templates
  • Enhance alignment of project management with portfolio management

Why OAK Project Management Service?

  • A project management solution tailored to fit your organisation
  • Delivery and benefit realisation across your portfolio
  • An effective and integrated governance
  • Consistent and validated reporting process
  • Trained and certified project management professionals