There are many reasons why individuals and organisations might consider training courses. For individuals, it might be you are currently out of work and looking to get back on the career ladder, or for those already in employment but not experiencing job satisfaction or to secure a promotion, OAK Training Centre will ensure your skill base is up to date and relevant to the current market, consequently boosting your confidence and making you more marketable.

While for organisations, you may be looking at improving employees performance, keep or gain a competitive edge, add a new skill base to your team or ensure an existing one is up to date on the latest development.

Whether it is an off the shelf or bespoke package you are looking for, you can find OAK Training Centre to cover your organisation need.

At OAK Training Centre, we offer bespoke training for project management professionals, with specialisation in Project Management Office (PMO), professionals.

Our training is focused on the practical skills required to work effectively in providing governance and support in the successful delivery of projects. The skills required in the management of risks, assumptions, issues, dependencies, change and budget will be taught with the application of real life scenarios.

We also offer advance training on Planning, using Microsoft Project for scheduling in order to track and monitor milestones, critical tasks, resources and dependencies.

Our PMO training focus is purely on the practical applications of applying project governance and providing the appropriate support required by the project delivery team for successful delivery.

This is a “hands-on” training in a workshop setup, with no frills project management information.

Why OAK Training Service?

  • Our instructors are experts and fully up-to-date in the subjects they teach
  • Current practitioners in the field working in different sectors, and bringing wealth of knowledge and experience to share in the training
  • Training is in a workshop format, iterative and more effective
  • Expert trainers – able to communicate complex concepts clearly with precise examples
  • We offer professional advice and mentoring
  • Weekend training – meaning no disruption to your current work schedule
  • Provision of printed copies of all instructors presentations
  • Continual assessment throughout the training to identify any knowledge gaps and gauge your level of market readiness
  • 1 month post training support